Activities in the Netherlands

Amsterdam is a city of canals and beautiful brick buildings. In the Netherlands, about one quarter of the land is man-made, and people use windmills for pumping water to higher places.


Many people use boats moored along the canals as their homes, and local members use their houseboats as venues for discussion meetings. The number of participants has doubled over the past 10 years in the country. Cheerful voices of members of all ages and backgrounds can be heard at these discussion meetings.


“The time I enjoy the most is when I chant,” one member said. Another member explained, “Before joining SGI, I had hoped that my life would change someday. But nothing ever happened. I worried that I was wasting precious time. Now, I feel I can start each day full of vitality and a great sense of meaning.”


A third member said, “I used to be unable to empathize with other people’s suffering, an ability that Nichiren Buddhism helps us develop. Now I can help others with a boundless sense of energy that I gain from faith in the Gohonzon.”


“With this Buddhism we create a more peaceful and hopeful society,” said another. Members in the Netherlands say that they feel more energetic and can contribute to peace through their faith. The SGI-Netherlands youth division leader, Emil van Zuylen, states, “I truly believe that a sincere person can move people’s hearts, as Mr. Ikeda has shown. We are determined to change the world by making ourselves shine brighter every day.”